Stutzman on The Sean Hannity Show: “ObamaCare Is Creating Chaos”


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News release from Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-IN 3rd):

Stutzman on The Sean Hannity Show: “ObamaCare Is Creating Chaos”

(August 21, 2013) – U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman joined The Sean Hannity Show today to discuss his ongoing effort to defund ObamaCare.

Excerpts from the Congressman’s remarks are below and the interview is available here:

On ObamaCare’s impact on Americans:
“ObamaCare is creating chaos. It is hurting people in today’s economy and in today’s family budgets and I think that we have to find every way that we can to stop the chaos and the hurt that is going on from ObamaCare.”

On the House funding the government but not ObamaCare:
“As Republicans—as we control the House of Republicans—we should not have our fingerprints on the funding of ObamaCare whatsoever and [we should] send a continuing resolution over to the Senate, reluctantly voting for all these other aspects of government spending but not putting ObamaCare in the continuing resolution. Send it over to the Senate and make the Senate, if they want to put the funding in for ObamaCare, let them do it. That way they have to go back to their constituencies and answer to them why they are the ones funding ObamaCare when it’s hurting them.”

On the President’s false choice between ObamaCare and a shutdown:
“Our goal is not to shut the government down – that’s been the President’s rhetoric. He’s the one that brought the matter up. You can tell that he is dead set on forcing ObamaCare on the American people, forcing premiums to go up, forcing people to go into part-time work, forcing people to lose benefits and insurance. That’s his doing. He’s willing to make us choose between that and shutting the government down? That’s a false choice. That is not something that we have to choose between. That’s why we in the House of Representatives need to keep talking about how we’re going to fund the government. We’re going to do our work. We’re going to do our job. But what we hear every day from our constituents is that ObamaCare is bad for America and that we shouldn’t fund it.”

On the urgency to stop ObamaCare now:
“This is hurting Americans. If we let this continue to go on, it’s only going to get worse and that’s why we need to do it today. That’s why we need to do it now.”

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